Li Livres dou Tresor

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Date of Composition: 1260-1266

Place of Composition:
Florence, Italy

Author: Brunetto Latini

Genre: Encyclopedia

MSS copied in Italy:

  • Paris, bnf, fr. 569
  • Paris, bnf, fr. 1113
  • Paris, bnf, Maz 3871
  • Paris, bnf, fr. 1114
  • Paris, bnf, fr. 2024
  • Paris, bnf, fr. 726
  • Paris, bnf, fr. 1110

MS which may have been copied in Italy:

  • Bergamo, Biblioteca Civica, Cassaforte 2.5
  • Ferrara, Biblioteca Comunale Ariostea, II.280
  • Lyon, Bibliothèque municipal, 781
  • Lyon, Bibliothèque municipal,948
  • Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale, I.G.017
  • Oxford, Bodlian Library, Douce 319
  • Rome, ms. reg. lat. 1320
  • Verona, Biblioteca Capitolare, DVIII 

Edition: Latini, Brunetto. Li Livres dou Tresor. Edited by Francis J. Carmody. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1948.

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