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Use the links below to download the data sheet for each text

Understanding the Data Sheets
  • Identifier: Edition from which data is extracted, using identification system from DEAF (Dictionnaire Étymologique de l'Ancien Français)
  • Date of Comp: Date the original text was composed, taken from ARLIMA
  • Place Name: Primary name for each place in the text
  • Variants: Other names given to a place
  • Occurences: Number of times this place name is identified in the text
  • Location: Modern location of place
  • Category: The geopolitical or geographic description of location
  • Coordinates: Coordinates for each location
  • Data Source: URL to the source identifying coordinates
  • Uncertainty: Type of uncertainty (if any) about a given location

Understanding Uncertainty Codes:

1 = Place may be at another location
2 = Place is near the indicated location
3 = Unmappable; place can most likely never be located
4 = Not found, but more research may reveal a location; see: Where is this Place?