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French of Italy Contributors

Laura Morreale, Project Editor and Supervising Scholar

Laura Morreale  served as final editor for all of the project's embedded text and provided an interpretive context for this new visualization of French-language writing in Italy in her Introductory Essay. Dr. Morreale is the Associate Director of Fordham’s Center for Medieval Studies and Editor of Fordham’s French of Italy Project.

Elena Putti, Content Researcher and Archival Liaison

Elena Putti served as a contributing researcher to  discover and analyze archival documents for the French of Italy project. She researched local archive databases to find new sources for the project, and helped to check, examine and input data in the French of ItalyTime Map. She collaborated with the Genoese State Archive where she discovered several undocumented French-language documents from the 14th century, and maintains contact with the Turin Archive in search of further French language witnesses. Elena continues to serve as our Italian correspondent for further research activities in Italy, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Digital Humanities at University of Genoa. She is an assistant professor in Art Criticism at the University of Genoa in and Managing of Cultural Heritage a the Catholic University in Milan.

Abigail Sargent, Research Lead for Technology and Display

Abigail Sargent served as lead for the technological and display elements of he French of Italy Time Map project. Using Omeka, Neatline, Geoserver, and cPanel, Abigail created and compiled instructions for use of these platforms with specific project goals in mind. She developed procedures for project contributors as they entered information, edited formatting, and mapped items. Abigail was responsible for importing data via Omeka and mapping it on the site using Neatline. Over the course of the project, Abigail explored the viability of certain Omeka plugins and add-ons, such as Lightbox, to respond to specific project needs. She created a custom theme for the Neatline exhibit, edited the map presentation, and built structural elements of the exhibit to supplement the map display. Her essay on the technological aspects of the project summarizes these efforts. Since the French of Italy project involved researching many of the textual witnesses before they were entered into Omeka, Abigail also worked with resources like Arlima, Rialfri, the Bibliotheque National de France, and many printed catalogues to track down information about contents, provenance, and production date for manuscripts. Abigail has an M.A. in Medieval Studies from Fordham University and is currently pursuing a PhD from Princeton University.

David Smigen-Rothkopf, Graphic Artist

David Smigen-Rothkopf served as graphic artist for the French of ItalyTime Map project. Using Adobe Photoshop to design the map of Italy as well as the cartographic elements, he created the visual foundation from which other team members translated raw data from manuscript witnesses into a spatial narrative format. David is currently working towards an MA in Medieval Studies at Fordham University.

David Joseph Wrisley, Spatial Humanities Content Consultant

David Joseph Wrisley provided methodological guidance for the visualization, content, and scholarly apparatus of the The French of Italy Time Map. He is also coordinating the inclusion spatial data and map views for the French of Italy project pages. He is at work on a digital project that explores space-time in medieval French texts entitled Visualizing Medieval Places.  David is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at the American University of Beirut was a Medieval Fellow in the Center for Medieval Studies in the 2014-15 academic year.

French of Italy Contributors