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FOI Time Map Data Sheet.xlsm

Follow this link and clink on the "file" icon on the right side of the screen to download the data sheet

Understanding the Data Sheet
-Title of Text: Title of the individual text
-Start Date: Earliest possible date of composition
-End Date: Latest possible date of composition
-MS Source: Manuscript in which this text is found
-Location: Modern city or geographic region where this manuscript was written
-Location Coordinates: Coordinates for this place
-Location Link: URL to source of these coordinates
-Time Map Location: Modern city or geographic region where this text was placed on the Time Map. This may differ from "Location" depending on uncertainty about a manuscript's provenance
-Time Map Coordinates: Coordinates for the "Time Map Location"
-Uncertainty: Type of uncertainty (if any) about a given location
Understanding Uncertainty Codes
1 = Multiple cities have been proposed for the provenance of the manuscript. We have mapped it at one rather than the other
2 = The provenance of the manuscript can only be narrowed to a general region within Italy
3 = The provenance of the manuscript may be from someplace outside of Italy, but the text has been included due to doubts or to some connection to Italy
4 = More research is needed